Storm Preparation: Portable Generators for Backup Power


There are three main types of generators for your home or small business to provide backup power during a blackout:

Inverter Generators: Lightweight and portable, the units between 2000 to 3500 watts are the most popular for Households wanting to power a few pieces of equipment like fridges, freezers, lights, as well as run sensitive electronics like laptops, mobile phones or TV's.

AVR GeneratorsLarger models (6kVA to 9kVA) are best suited to people requiring more power for not only fridges/freezers but perhaps also water pumps, power washers, larger tools, hot water systems and other pieces of equipment with a greater power draw. These generators are either used to run appliances directly or sometimes connected to your house/building mains by an electrician. Also a popular option for small business backup requirements.         

Auto-Start GeneratorsGenerators (6kVA and above) that are designed to provide automatic backup power to the whole (or most) of your home. A qualified electrician is required to install and configure it to your house mains with a automatic transfer switch. These auto-start units (either petrol, diesel or gas) will automatically start up to restore whole-home power instantly when there is a blackout. Also popular units for solar power backup. 



Water Pumps

Further popular products that people opt for during storm season include:

Water Pumps Petrol or diesel powered water transfer pumps to move water after flooding. Fire Fighting Pumps with stronger PSI capabilities are also used for property protection from fire as well as wash down tasks.



Portable Refrigeration

Portable Fridges:  Portable compressor fridge/freezers that can run on a 12-volt battery source to keep your food fresh during mains blackouts. 

Ice Boxes:  Thick polyurethane ice-boxes that can keep ice for up to 10 days, enabling food and drink to stay cold during power outages.



Pressure Washers

Pressure Washers:  Electric, petrol, or diesel portable pressure washers for clean-up post storms.