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Victron EasySolar-II GX 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100

Victron EasySolar-II GX 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100, 5 Year Warranty

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No need for a separate inverter and charger. These inverter chargers combine an inverter and a charger in one unit, so you can avoid the complex installation of separate components.

Ideal for off-grid and mobile applications, our wide range of inverter chargers by Victron and Enerdrive start from a small 800VA inverter/35A charger all the way up to a 15kVA/200A unit.

What is an Inverter Charger?

An inverter charger can charge batteries when power is available and provide 240 volt output when there is no power or generator running.

An inverter takes DC power from a battery and converts it to AC as stable as power from the grid, so you can run electronic appliances.

A battery charger takes AC power and converts it to DC power which can charge a battery.

The inverter-charger does both from one unit.

When you choose a Victron inverter charger, you get the advantage of parallel connection, which lets you operate up to six units in parallel to achieve higher power output. Plus, you can configure three units of the same model for three=phase output.

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