Caravan Water Tanks

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Ever travelled without access to fresh water? You never need to of you have a caravan water tank. These caravan water tanks are designed to hold fresh water for caravans, motorhomes and other recreational vehicles, so you always have fresh water available, wherever you go.

All Shapes and Sizes

All caravans and RVs are different, which is why we stock a range of water tanks by Roto, Camec and Fiamma. This gives you the choice of caravan water tanks to fit your storage needs. Our smallest options are around 59 litres with the largest coming in at 84 litres.

Each caravan water tank is made from tough, non-toxic food-grade materials making it safe for drinking water. All of the tanks in our range boast easy installation, so you can install, remove and reconfigure them as needed.

You can never have too much water when travelling in Australia. Make sure you’re prepared with a caravan water tank before your next trip.