Wind Generators

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Here at My Generator, we stock only the most efficient and high performance wind generators. That’s why you’ll find wind generators by Eclectic Energy and Silentwind. You get all the benefits of high efficiency, reliable technology while you are off grid.


High Performance Wind Generators

Charge your batteries while you are off grid. Check out our range above by reputable brands Eclectic Energy and Silentwind.

For top of the range innovation, check out the Silentwind 400+ Turbine Series. This series boasts faster wind tracking and stable operating performance thanks to the enlarged wind-deflector, plus reinforced mast support for higher safety reserves under strong winds. The Silentwind 400+ also uses additional body bearing for a more precise guidance of the wind generator and smoother operating. Looking for a quiet, vibration free wind generator? Check out the Eclectic Energy D400 wind generator. It’s extremely efficient in low wind speeds and still capable of sustained power outputs of up to 600 watts in higher winds. Whichever wind generator you choose, you can have peace of mind that it’s robustly constructed for a long service life.

Shop our range of wind generators today and keep your batteries charged wherever you travel.