Caravan Bike Racks

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Open up a world of adventure possibilities with a caravan bike rack. Our range of caravan bike racks makes it easy to pack your push bikes onto your caravan without damaging your vehicle.


Caravan Bike Rack for Every Adventure

A caravan bike rack is a must for those who enjoy an added adventure at every destination. Just think of the places you can go, where your caravan can’t!

Whether you want to carry your own or pack bikes for the whole family, our range of caravan bike racks have it covered. Choose car bike racks for one, two or three bikes. Then you can add an additional rail for a fourth bike if you need. We also sell bike covers so you can protect your bikes from dust and stones while you travel.

Bike Racks Designed for Caravans

Worried about damaging your caravan? Don’t be – our range of caravan bike racks from Thule are designed with caravans in mind. So, you won’t have to worry about scratching or denting your van. Best of all, because the caravan bike racks are installed to the rear of your van, you don’t have to worry about any heavy lifting.

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