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Dometic 3 Way Fridge & Freezer 90L

Dometic RM2350, 90 Litre 3 Way Refrigerator, 3 Year Warranty

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Absorption 3 Way Fridge Freezers were the original caravan fridges. They are silent, avoid the use of moving parts, highly resistant to wear and tear, and are easy to maintain. A 3 way caravan fridge enables you to choose between the power source of 12/24Volt, 240Volt, or LP gas. Many caravanners are removing their old 3 way absorption fridge and replacing it with a new 12V compressor fridge, which get cooler quicker, are more efficient on battery power and handle hot environments better.

When Should I Choose A 3 Way Caravan Fridge?

If you like to head off grid for prolonged periods of time and prefer to run your caravan fridge off a gas bottle, then we recommend adding a 3 way caravan fridge to your vehicle. 3 way fridge freezers use a gas flow heat exchange system (absorption) in the back of the fridge. Dometic pioneered the absorption technology in 1922 and today, the Dometic 3 way fridge are considered the best in class 3 way caravan fridge models.

OurDometic 3 Way Fridgerange includes models with Automatic Energy Selection (AES), which allows the refrigerator to automatically select the best energy source available, thus increasing efficiency.

A 3 way caravan fridge is especially popular for its efficiency; a 4 kilogram LPG gas bottle can run a 3 way fridge freezer for around 10 days. Similarly, a 3 way fridge freezer is also very efficient running on 12 volts power source, only drawing around 10amps.

Also making3 way caravan fridgemodels popular are their longevity – their simple design means they keep on keeping on. Especially when you opt for a quality brand such as a Dometic 3 Way Fridge, which are backed by national service agent network, you know you are always covered for spare parts and product support.

3 way fridge freezer units need to be installed and certified by a qualified and licensed gas-fitter.

When Should I Choose A 2 Way Compressor Fridge?

On the other hand if you are happy to run you caravan fridge off battery and solar power, plus 12V, then we highly recommend a compressor fridge. These fridges are more efficient, get cooler fast and stay cooler longer than absorption fridges.

2 Way Fridges vs. 3 Way Fridges for Recreational Vehicles