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Bluetti PV350 350W Portable Solar Panel

Bluetti PV350 350W Portable Solar Panel, 2 Year Warranty

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Travelling with technology or appliances? Power up your camping plans and caravan trips with a solar panel blanket. Designed for durability and easy storage, these solar blankets give you the amps you need without the worries of hard solar panels.

Travel Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are perfect for long camping trips. Keep them folded and tucked away while you drive, then lay them out on the ground when you set up camp. They’re made for rugged conditions, so you can rely on them in the most remote areas.

The range of solar blankets for sale also integrate easily with your caravan setup. Some solar blankets and films can be set up on your caravan roof, letting you take advantage of sunlight on the road. The trusted brands with solar blankets for sale include Baintuff, Engel and Redarc.