Domestic High Pressure Washers

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Tick off your DIY jobs with a domestic high-pressure washer. Our Domestic High Pressure Washer range features high quality Electric and Petrol-powered models from reliable brands including DeWalt, Crommelins and Stanley. Looking for a high quality and reliable performance high pressure washer? DeWalt is the brand for you. For a more affordable option, check out the Stanley models.


Electric High-Pressure Washers

An electric high-pressure washer has less oomph, which makes it a great option for smaller cleaning surfaces, such as cars, boats, trailers and outdoor furniture. Need to clean your driveways, fences, and decks? An electric washer is for you. Want to do some roof maintenance after winter? An electric pressure washer makes it easy. The great thing about an electric model is that they are quieter than petrol models (making them ideal for residential areas). They are also lighter, making them easier to use, and typically require less maintenance than a petrol-powered machine.

Petrol Powered High-Pressure Washers

Petrol pressure washers are generally more powerful which makes them better suited to larger jobs that require more pressure and water flow for longer periods. Think brickwork blasting, paint stripping, concrete stains, and farm use.

We sell a range of pressure washer sizes, from the compact 1595PSI washer from Stanley right up to 4800PSI. Looking for something in the middle? Check out the light commercial pressure washer by DeWalt - it has everything you could dream of in a new piece of kit, including an ergonomic spray gun, 5 Quick-Connect nozzles, turbo nozzle and 38cm surface scrubber!