Marine Cooling Units

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Find the perfect cooling unit for smaller spaces. Dometic knows how to design appliances that make life easier whether you’re on the road, on water or off grid. These cooler units have all the features you need – and some you never knew you needed! They might be small, but they are mighty powerful and highly efficient. Check out the pre charged refrigerant, self-sealing valve couplings, and paired refrigeration compressors and condensers – all making installation easy.


Looking for a powerful cooling unit you can rely on? Check out our Dometic cooling unit range today.

Dometic Plate Evaporator

Make sure your fridge has top quality cooling performance with a plate evaporator. This cooling unit is designed for horizontal or vertical installation in chest and upright refrigerators, helping you maximise cooling performance and manage the temperature.

Dometic Air Evaporator

Looking for a circulating air evaporator for installation in chest and upright refrigerators?
The Dometic air evaporator cooling unit is especially suitable for large refrigeration capacities and high ambient temperatures. This cooling unit is capable of cooling up to 250 litres of space in high ambient temperatures and can be installed easily thanks to the self-seal valve couplings. So, you get top cooling at minimal power with no fuss!