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Victron Color Control GX

Victron Color Control GX, 5 Year Warranty

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BMPRO Trek3 RV Battery Monitor

BMPRO Trek3 RV Battery Monitor, 2 Year Warranty

$690 RRP: $699 Save: $9

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Whether you’re travelling and camping off-the-grid, you need to know that your battery is performing at its best.

Forget the guesswork. A battery monitor 12V makes it easy to track the health of your battery. While a battery protect will ensure no damage occurs to your battery.

A 12V battery monitor will reveal all sorts of important information about your batteries. Find out the state of your battery’s charge, the battery age, discharge current and temperature – all the factors that determine the actual battery capacity.

Smart Battery Monitor 12V

Discover our range of smart battery monitors ready to give you an exact analysis of your battery health at any time.

Choose the Bluetooth enabled CTEK monitor for battery health on the go. Download the free app to your smartphone, connect the battery monitor 12V to your battery, and your phone will give you data 24/7, all year round. If your battery’s charge falls to a critical level, your monitor will alert you.

Best of all, you can sync multiple monitors to your phone for a complete battery management system.

Alternatively, battery monitor 12V unit by Dometic and Enerdrive provide critical information on an easy-to-understand display. See all the data you need at the press of a button.

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