Dust Fighters

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Keep dust under control with the Dust Fighter range by Generac. The range includes a choice of dust control units based on performances and size of the area. Dust fighters are suitable for a variety of applications, such as demolition works, mining sites, trade work, asbestos removal, and more.


Generac Dust Fighters

Reduce dust on the worksite with our range of dust fighters by Generac. Dust fighters work by spraying nebulized water to suppress dust.

Dust fighters are suitable for a variety of application types. For smaller jobs and asbestos removal, check out the Generac DF Mini, a portable dust control unit able to spray the nebulized water up to 8 metres. Because there’s no fan, you can suppress the asbestos dust without moving it in the air. Need something bigger? We sell Generac dust fighters that cover up to 40 metres.

Dust Fighter Features

Dust fighters come with a range of features to make life easy on the job site. Check out top features of mini dust fighters including stainless steel water tank, wheels and handles for easy transport, and a signal for low water level. Dust fighters come with interchangeable nozzles for different coverages, and you can manually adjust the nozzles spray angle to suit your area. Larger dust fighters come with a manual telescopic mast, a plastic water tank, a power generating set and an optional road trailer.