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Stay comfortable all year round with a caravan air conditioner.Our Caravan Air Conditioner Range includes the leading brands in the recreational vehicle market; Truma, Houghton, Finch, and Dometic Air Conditioner models.



Our range includes caravan rooftop air conditioners, caravan built-in air conditioners, truck air conditioners and portable air conditioners. We also offer an extensive range of air conditioner accessories including H-Frames, extension ducts, additional ducting and spare remotes.





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Our Caravan Air Conditioner Brands:



Air Command is an Australian brand and their caravan air conditioners are designed for the Australian environment. With an Air Command caravan air conditioner, you are getting superior cooling performance built to handle the hot Australian climate, anti-vibration technology to withstand rugged road driving and extremely low operating noise. Air Command have both roof top and built-in caravan air conditioner models. Please note, Air Command is now owned by Dometic Australia.



The Dometic Air Conditioner range are part of the global Dometic range of market leading products for the recreational industry. True to their reputation of progressive product innovators, in April 2016 Dometic released a caravan air conditioner with an inverter compressor; The Dometic Harrier. This inverter technology eliminates the large start-up current issues experienced with most caravan air conditioner models. It also varies the compressor speed up or down based on required cooling/heating load, making it the most efficient caravan air conditioner available. Then again in 2019 Dometic released the The Ibis 4 Air Conditioner model which is a low profile sleek model also with inverter technology for energy efficiency and minimal vibration. These are the market leading caravan air con models in Australia.



For all caravan air conditioners, fitting and Install instructions come with the unit, but it is advised a qualified installer (electrical contractor) undertakes the installation. In the case of some split system models, there is a requirement of making refrigerant lines, which is best undertaken by a suitable qualified installer.



Other fantastic caravan aircon brands include; Truma, Houghton and Finch.



Dometic Caravan Air Conditioner Models Reviews:



Our Dometic caravan air conditioner range includes some of the most popular models on the market today. The newest inverter model to hit the market is the Dometic Ibis 4, which features a new generation compressor, which reduces vibration and therefore noise - a major benefit in customer's books!



Dometic Ibis 4 Review








The other Dometic caravan air conditioner that we highly recommend is the well known Harrier model. This unit was the first inverter caravan air conditioner on the market. It is energy efficient, quiet and has been tried and tested in the harsh Australian environments.



Dometic Harrier Inverter Carvavan Rooftop Air Conditioner