First Aid & Safety Equipment

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Getting injured in a remote area is a risk on every adventure. Without the right first aid box, even the smallest incident can escalate fast. That’s why you need a well-equipped first aid box for every trip – whether you’re heading out for a day trip to the national park or heading around the block for a year. A first aid box will help you prepare for the unexpected.


Be Prepared for Emergencies with A First Aid Box

Never leave home without a first aid box again. You just never know when a green ant might strike or when your loved ones will take a fall.

Stay Smart with A First Aid Box

Our range of first aid boxes has everything you need to stay safe and smart in even the most remote locations. Find first aid kits that can be carried in your vehicle, in the workplace or even in your backpack. Want the confidence of knowing you’ve got the right first aid essentials on your adventures? Buy the Hulk 4x4 Adventurer First Aid Kit. It’s jam-packed with sprays, bandages, dressings, creams, gloves and more, all in a handy bag with a shoulder strap.

Looking for fire blankets and emergency gear? Our range includes the essentials from Hulk 4X4, FastAid, Fire Box, and Super Fire-X. With our range of products for all budgets, there’s no excuse for heading off on an adventure without the right first aid gear!