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Impress all of your family and friends and cook up your next feast in a Dometic oven on your boat. Bake, grill and roast whatever your tastebuds are in the mood for. The range of Dometic ovens make it a breeze!


Dometic Oven Designed for Galleys

If you’re looking for an oven for your boat, chances are it needs to fit into a compact space. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on features. With a Dometic oven, you can have both a compact design and all the features you need to cook up your favourite meals. Discover the Dometic oven, cooktop and grill featuring enamelled burner caps, detachable pan support and an integrated black glass lid that creates extra bench space when you’re not using the cooktop. Safety is essential on a boat, so all gas burners have been fitted with flame failure devices and the cover features a safety gas cut off for any time when the lid is accidentally closed, and burners are left in use. Don’t need an oven? Check out the Dometic cooktop and grill only. It’s the perfect space saving cooking appliance!

Whatever your cooking style, find the right Dometic oven for you in our online range.