Motorhome Covers

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Make sure your motorhome looks brand new every time you take it out on the road with a camper cover. The cover protects your vehicle from the harsh Australian elements including UV rays, snow, dust and even bird droppings!


Protect Your Motorhome with A Camper Cover

Have you considered the cost of having your motorhome uncovered and outside in the elements when you’re not travelling? With a camper cover, you can protect your motorhome from the elements so that the wear and tear that would usually happen on your vehicle happens on the cover instead. Then when it comes to setting off on your road trip, you know your motorhome is looking tip top.

How to Choose A Camper Cover?

When you’re looking for the right kind of camper cover for your vehicle, you need to choose the right size. Motorhomes come in lots of different lengths, but the width and height are similar. That’s why you’ll find our range of camper covers from ADCO comes in different lengths to fit motorhomes from 20ft to 29ft. If your motorhome is 24ft, choose the cover that fits vehicles from 23-26ft. Then simply use the straps and tabs provided to make it a snug fit.

Protect your motorhome with a camper trailer from ADCO today.