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Fiamma 12V Turbo Vent Pro Hatch

Fiamma 12V Turbo Vent Pro Hatch, 1 Year Warranty

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Let the light shine in with a caravan skylight. Available in various designs and sizes, caravan skylights provide natural light and ventilation for your caravan.

Choose from caravan skylights alone, or with vents and fans for the ultimate air flow through your motorhome. We stock top-rate products from the most trusted caravan appliance brands including Dometic, Camec and Finch Australia.

Get More Fresh Air Into Your Caravan Or RV

A caravan skylight lets more air flow inside your RV by acting as a vent. So, you can improve air circulation and freshen up the atmosphere on steamy summer days – without worrying about letting the flies and mozzies in!

Need more light inside your caravan? Don’t waste your battery power on lighting during the day. Instead, a caravan skylight can brighten up the darkest of interiors so you can see better, naturally.

Caravan skylights and vents also come with extra features like fly screens to prevent flies and other critters from invading your space. Some have acrylic double glazing to reduce noise, too. Browse our products to find the perfect design for your motorhome.