Upright 4WD Compressor Fridges

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Upright 4WD compressor fridges are popular in 4WD ute canopies because they provide more convenient refrigeration than a portable fridge freezer.

Enjoy powerful cooling performance, practical storage and space for even more food and drinks while you’re travelling.

Why Choose an Upright 4WD Compressor Fridge?

Compressor 4WD fridges are designed to run from a 12/24 DC power source such as your camping or auxiliary vehicle battery. This makes them an excellent appliance for camper trailers, 4WD vehicles, boats, yachts and other recreational vehicles.

4WD compressor fridges are built for travelling and recreation, so they have lots of innovative features, such as double door locks, LED interfaces, and reversible door hinges.

The upright design makes to easy to access what you need. Just open the door and get your stuff. If you’ve got enough height to set up an upright fridge, you’d be mad not to buy one!

Popular models include the Dometic Waeco CRX range, and Evakool Platinum and Elite range. Find these brands and more in our online store.

What About A Portable 4WD Fridge?

While an upright 4x4 fridge is more convenient, a portable 4x4 fridge freezer is still an option you could consider. If you're looking to go down this route, we highly recommend pairing your portable fridge with a fridge slide. This will allow you to easily and conveniently gain access to your 4x4 fridge. We highly recommend you checkout the Evakool 80L Glacier XTREME Dual Zone Fridge Freezer if you're looking for a larger model!