12V Off Grid Inverter Chargers

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Combining an inverter and charger into one unit not only makes life easier but is plain genius! An inverter charger 12V means that a complex installation process is avoided, phew!

What Is An Inverter Charger?

An inverter charger 12V impacts your power supply by converting AC power to DC power or DC power to AC power, depending on your application.

Specifically, the inverter takes DC power from your battery and converts it to AC power, which allows you to run electrical appliances.

The charger on the other hand, takes AC power and converts it to DC power which can charge a battery.

Inverter Charger 12V for Travelling Off Grid:

The last thing you want is for your inverter charger to stop working while you are in a remote location. That’s why we recommend purchasing from a reputable brand such as Victron. Victron offer an extensive range from a small 500VA inverter / 20A charger up to a massive 15VA/200A model.

While these inverter chargers are perfect for off grid living, they are also suitable for camping, caravanning, boating, solar panels and trucks!

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