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Whether it’s your first hiking trip or you’re a keen hiker, our hiking backpacks from BlackWolf, and Explore Planet Earth are made for people who want to enjoy the great outdoors. When it comes to maximum comfort, balance, and superior resistance to weather conditions, you can trust these brands to think of everything.


Hiking Backpacks and Bags

Do you love hitting the trails on foot? Not sure which bag is right for you? Our range of hiking backpacks and bags gives you a great choice of bags to carry all the gear you could need. Check out our specialised hiking backpacks made for venturing into the great outdoors in all sorts of climates. Whether you want to pack light or carry heavier camping gear, our hiking backpacks have it covered with different sizes, strengths and styles.

Venture Further with Hiking Backpacks

Take all the essentials with you when you take off on foot with a hiking backpack. Find lightweight backpacks for last-minute daytrips up to larger backpacks for epic overnight adventures. We’ve got everything you need right here in our online store. Plus, we only stock high quality brands like BlackWolf, and Explore Planet Earth.

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