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Dometic Slide Out Kitchen

Dometic Slide Out RV Kitchen, 1 Year Warranty

$3,080 RRP: $3,640 Save: $560

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Travelling through Australia’s stunning landscapes doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite meals. Cook your home recipes on the go with your own caravan cooktop, oven & stove.

At My Generator, you can find a caravan cooktop or stove that’s ideal for your cooking needs. Our range includes caravan stoves, ovens, grills and even two caravan slide out kitchen models! Plus, we offerportable gas cookers and BBQ's if you're looking for a more portable option.


Reliable RV Cooktops



Simple to fire up and easy to clean, our caravan cooktops, stoves and ovens are the perfect addition to your caravan adventures. We have RV cooktops and stoves available in many different sizes with varying functions. That means you can find an RV cooktop, stove, grill or oven that fits your caravan’s requirements and is suited to the type of cooking you’ll be doing while you’re on the road.



Whether you’re after a portable, free-standing caravan stove or a built-in one, you can find it in the range below.



Hotplate Versus Grill