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Inverter Generators

Inverter Generators

Inverter Generators

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The Silent Small Portable Inverter Generator Range is the ideal power source for people on the move. This range combines the latest in Inverter Generator technology with a lightweight, easy to carry design. Inverters produce the purest power of all and their control system maintains an extremely high accuracy level of voltage. These units are perfect for sensitive electronics, such as computers and are a common type of generator for recreational uses and for domestic backup requirements to run fridges, lights etc. Read more

How do Inverter Generators work? It comes down to the Inverter, which is a lightweight circuit often containing a microprocessor. This replaces the heavy alternator found in conventional style generators. The generator produces DC power, which the Inverter then converts into a high frequency AC signal. Because it is high frequency it can be transformed up to the desired voltage by a much smaller and lighter transformer than would otherwise be needed. The high voltage is rectified back to DC, and the high voltage DC finally converted to AC giving a stable sine wave delivery at the required voltage and frequency. In Australia that is 240 volts and 50 Hz.

This type of generator provides a huge range of benefits for users:

Lighter than most: Because the generator uses lighter inverter technology over a heavy alternator, manufacturers can design super light and compact generators. These are a great choice for portable use powering businesses, events, worksites, campsites and more. Added to this, most manufacturers incorporate features such as lifting handles to make them even easier to move.
Compact: Because inverter generators are more efficient than their conventional counterparts, they can be anywhere up to half the size. This means the generators are easy to transport and pack away again when not in use.

High Quality, Stable Power: The stable sine wave delivery won’t surge or spike so you can safely use it to power more sensitive devices such as laptops, as well as motorised equipment.

Fuel Efficiency: The great thing about these generators is that they provide more power from less fuel. The clever technology is able to automatically adjust the engine speed in direct proportion to the load, so if you are only using it for a small appliance, it won’t use the maximum power. With more power from less fuel, you can enjoy a longer continuous running time and better convenience.

Quiet Running: Most models incorporate noise reducing features such as sound-proofed casing, insulators and mufflers for quieter operation that won’t annoy the neighbours or break strict noise restrictions. If noise is an important consideration for your chosen generator, compare decibel outputs on the specifications.