Off Grid Accessories

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If you’re planning to live or travel off grid than our off grid accessories range will come in handy! Our range includes control panels, cables and connectors.

Victron Off Grid Accessories:

If you’re looking for a brand that specialises in off grid products, then look no further than Victron. Not only do they develop high quality products with the latest technology and features, but they also offer comprehensive warranties.

Notable Off Gird Accesories In Our Range:

Notable products in our off grid accessories range includes the Victron VE Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle and Victron Color Control GX.

The Victron VE Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle wirelessly displays your BMV or MPPT information such as battery status on your smartphone. The Victron Color Control GX on the other hand offers an insight into your battery system. The overview includes power consumption, state of charge and power harvest.

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