Boating & Marine Power

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Need extra power on your boat or yacht? A marine generator is the answer.

Like any other piece of boating equipment, the size and type of your marine generator depends on how it is to be used. Check out our range or talk to our team for advice.

Marine Generators

Explore our Fischer Panda marine generator range for the finest quality German engineering. These inverter generators are designed especially to withstand harsh boating conditions. Powered by diesel, super-silent, water-cooled and featuring an exceptionally lightweight design, a Fischer Panda marine generator ticks all the boxes for boating power.

Wind Generators

Wind generators have a natural appeal because they harness the same element you rely on to travel across the water. With reliable technology, wind generators will keep pumping out power in port, at anchor and even on cloudy days.

Compare our Silentwind generators, with faster wind tracking and stable operating performance.