Three Phase Stationary Diesel Generators

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Our Three Phase Stationary Diesel Generator range provides three phase power, often required for larger commercial applications, including standby and continuous power. These generators are also a popular choice for larger residential backup power as well as widely used on rural properties. This stationary Large Diesel Generator series provides power output from 8 kVA to 2 Megawatt in size.


Diesel generators comprise of a diesel engine and an electrical alternator to provide electrical power output. These are reliable and robust backup or prime power solutions.

When Is A 3 Phase Stationary Generator Used?

These larger diesel generators are also highly suitable for locations, where a continuous supply of power may be needed, such as business facilities and hospitals. Used for supplemental power supply during electrical power interruptions and for remote locations where mains power supply is not available.

Our Three Phase Diesel Stationary Generator Range:

My Generator is offering Three Phase Diesel Generators and Large Diesel Generators from world leading brands like Cummins, Pramac, Kubota, Genelite and many more. Our range covers requirements for light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

To help navigate, you can browse by generator output size; 10 to 50kVA | 50 to 250kVA | 250kVA and above - located at the top of the page. Our product pages have comprehensive specifications on each Three Phase Diesel Generator model and our team is always available via phoning during business hours to discuss your power requirements.