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Thetford Topline Hybrid Hob

Thetford Topline Hybrid Hob, 3 Year Warranty

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Thetford Domino Induction Hob

Thetford Domino Induction Hob, 3 Year Warranty

$1,039 RRP: $1,162 Save: $123

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Space-saving and designed for ease, our range of boat cooktops brings the best of Dometic and Thetford to your vessel. Whether you want two, three or four burners, you’ll find the right model for your needs.


Space Saving Boat Cooktops

Whip up a meal for everyone to enjoy out on the water with our boat cooktop range. Designed for mobile adventures in mind, these boat cooktops have everything you need to inspire the master chef in your group!

Want to squeeze a sink into your space? Find cooktop-and-sink combinations that make it fun to cook delicious meals that are easy to clean up afterwards. Need more bench space? Choose a boat cooktop with a lid that folds down. We also sell triangular cooktops to maximise space in tight boat galley spaces. And if style is important to you, choose from black or chrome to suit your boat’s interior.

Gas, Electric and Hybrid Boat Cooktops

Whether you want a gas cooktop, electric cooktop, or both, we’ve got it covered. The Thetford Topline range offers a gas or hybrid model for flexibility. Get the best of both worlds with the combination of induction and gas cooking.

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