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Gasmate Odyssey 2 Burner Trolley BBQ - Black

Gasmate Odyssey 2 Burner Trolley BBQ - Black, 1 Year Warranty

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Going caravanning? Camping? Or even just for a picnic? Create a feast on the road with our range of portable camping ovens, portable gas stoves and camping BBQ's!

Whether you're after a portable gas stove, a portable camping oven, a camping BBQ or a hotplate, our range above has something for everyone.

Not Just For Camping:

Just because you aren't heading away camping doesn't mean a portable gas cooker or BBQ isn't for you - these appliances can be used to cook for friends and family on a beach day out. Or spoil the family with a nice picnic, but forget the sandwhiches, you're cooking snags and steak! You can even bring your BBQ to Saturday morning sport and become the teams favourite parent. Whatever the application, a portable gas stove is a great accessories to your 4x4, caravan or camping setup!

Choosing the Right Style For Your Needs:

We offer a range of different cooktops for different methods of cooking. Choose from a BBQ with a hotplate and/or grill, a grill, gas burner stove or butane stove.

When choosing between the different cooktops consider what you want to cook and what your budget is. A gas burner stove or butane stove won't break the bank but only offer a small amount of space for your pots and pans. Butane stoves also do not cook as well in colder weather. On the other hand, you will pay a little more for a camping BBQ but have the flexibility to cook more food at once, cook a wider selection of food and are more efficient than portable gas cookers.

Hotplate Versus Grill