Pramac Generator Review: The Ultimate Range For Versatility

Would you buy a Pramac generator? You might only know the Pramac name from the MotoGP team. So why should you choose them over any other name brand? Our Pramac generator review reveals everything you need to know.


Who is Pramac?

Pramac is no spring chicken - this brand has been around since 1966, started by the Campinoti family as a construction equipment company. That's right - they're Italian made. Now we have your attention!

Since the early days, Pramac has evolved and transformed to become the global benchmark for the production of generators and warehouse material handling equipment. The company has as many as 16 subsidiaries and seven manufacturing plants located in Europe, Asia and South America. In fact, you can find Pramac in more than 150 different countries.

One reason you might have heard of Pramac is because of the Pramac Racing team in the MotoGP World Championship. Pramac Racing teamed up with none other than Ducati in 2005 and has a few trophies to its name, including Constructor Champions for 2021.

So do their generators stack up to their racing prowess?

Read on for our Pramac generator review:


Pramac Home Backup Generators:

You have two great options for home backup power from Pramac.

S Series and P Series:

These generators are highly popular for backup power to off-grid solar systems or to mains power.

Not only are they built to run efficiently and reliably, but all of the P and S series models are designed to be used for either auto start home backup or auto start for off grid solar depending on which accessory you buy:


First On Our Pramac Generator Review List Is The S Series:

These come with all the features you could want in a robust home backup generator - such as an Auto Start feature, long range fuel tank, and reliable, economical engine.

Here's a few things to note about the S series:

  • Most are run on petrol

  • They all come with an Auto Start feature, making life easy when the power goes out

  • They feature a full control panel with digital display

  • They feature long-run fuel tanks

  • They are built tough, suitable for commercial applications

It wouldn't be a Pramac generator review without some top recommendations:

Pramac S5000, S8000 and S1200:

This Pramac 5.3kVA AVR generator is Honda powered and comes with all the top-class features you could want in a backup to off-grid solar applications or mains power backup. As you'd expect from Honda, the engine is economical meaning, combined with the long-run 26.5L fuel tank, this beast will keep going and going.

For more power, the Pramac S8000 is a Honda 7.2kVA AVR Petrol Generator also with Auto Start capability. Or step it up with the Pramac S12000, a Honda Powered 11.9kVA AVR Petrol Generator. which delivers max power of 11.9kVA and a continuous output of 9100 watts. It has a long-run 24L fuel tank and auto start functionality.

The S5000, S8000 and S12000 all come with a 3 Year Honda Australia Engine Warranty.

Pramac S6500:

If it's a diesel engine you want, the Pramac S6500 is powered by a reliable Yanmar diesel engine. With a 24L fuel tank, it provides 16 hours run time at 75% load. The maximum power is 6.5kVA with a continuous output of 4300 watts - perfect for home backup.


The Next Option: The P Series:

Unlike the other series, most are diesel generators and all are silenced - which is a definite plus when you want generator backup for the home.

Check out these Pramac generator reviews:

Pramac P6000:

The P6000 is a market leader in the silenced class, making it the ideal generator for use in residential areas or for operation outside normal working hours. The reliable Yanmar L100N air cooled engine with electric start drives an AVR alternator for a continuous output of 4300 watts. Combined with the long-run 24L fuel tank and quiet operation, it's a great genset for intensive use.


Pramac P9000:

The P9000 is the pinnacle of back-up power. Powered by a never-say-die air-cooled diesel Lombardini engine, it has a max output of 8.8kVA and a continuous output of 6800 watts, plus a long-run 24L fuel tank. Along with the electric start and super quiet operation, the P9000 is also equipped with a control panel so you can integrate accessories depending on your specific backup application.

Pramac P12000:

If you thought the P9000 sounded good, wait until you see the P12000. The Pramac Honda AVR Petrol Silenced Generator with Auto Start capability packs a punch at 11.9kVA but operates at extremely low noise levels (61dBA). Equipped with a genuine Honda GX630, first class components and complete instrumentation, it's the ideal generator for backup power and is backed by a 3 Year Honda Australia Engine Warranty.


New From Pramac - Pramac Inverter Generators:

By now, it should come as no surprise that Pramac has introduced a range of inverter generators. After all, this company really knows how to make generators that customers love.

Pramac's Inverter P Series offers lightweight and compact packages, with high quality power output, unmatched fuel-efficiency and ultra-quiet operation. In other words, they tick all the boxes for a portable inverter generator.

The range includes the Pramac 3500i/o and 3000i (2500W) inverter generator.

Then, in 2021, Pramac expanded its portable inverter generator range with the P2200i. This generator is highly portable with a run time of up to 4.5 hrs (at 75% capacity).

This genset comes with a control panel boasting two integrated USB ports, one 12V DC outlet, and one 230V, 50Hz, and 16A socket.

It is fully compatible with the Pramac Parallel kit, which is sold separately. So you can connect two P2200i for higher output requirements and power multiple appliances at the same time.



Pramac generators are not the cheapest generators on the market. But then, when we're talking home backup - you don't want the cheapest generator on the market. You want reliability, economy, robust design and performance.

And that's exactly what you get when you buy a Pramac generator. A Pramac generator comes with a high quality engine and components, with the innovation and backing of a renowned global brand.

For example, you can expect to pay upwards of $7000 for the top-of-the-range Pramac 11.9kVA. Remember to allow for the cost of the accessories for your backup setup too.

That said, the Pramac inverter generators are highly competitive in price. The new 2200i will set you back just over $1000 - which is substantially lower than the Yamaha and Honda equivalents.


Why Buy Pramac?

Pramac Generator Review Verdict:

If you want a home backup generator you can rely on, no matter what, Pramac has it covered.

You get a solid built generator with all the features you need in a backup generator, such as long-run fuel tank, auto start functionality, and silencing. it's no wonder Pramac generators are hitting the mark with off-grid solar backup.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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21 October 2022
I have just taken delivery of a new P3500i generator. My first reaction it looks a good piece of kit but I haven’t started it yet. I’m appalled by a 48 page online manual and it’s very hard to find the information I need. Section 7 looks relevant but it’s very short on actual tips for getting started. The whole situation would be greatly improved by a quick let’s get started guide like many products do. Will no doubt post again once I get going Mervyn

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