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Water Pumps

Water Pumps

Water Pumps

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At My Generator our Water Pump range is focused on high quality solutions for the trade, building and commercial industries, as well as general purpose domestic water requirements around your home. 

Our range includes Honda powered Water Pumps as well as other premium Water Pump brands powered by the likes of Subaru and Yamaha engines, all backed by National Service Support Networks. To navigate the range, just select one of the three Category pump types to the left of screen.

Water Transfer Pumps:  great for transferring large volumes of water in your yard or on construction sites, particularly after flooding.

Fire Fighting Pumps:   high pressure pumps enabling you to discharge large volumes of water quickly and with significant spray power to protect your property from fire. Also used for spray irrigation and wash-down tasks.

Trash Pumps:  commonly used on construction and building sites to move water containing solids and debris. Our Trash Pump range can handle solids up to 25mm - 30mm in diameter.