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Power-Sonic 12V 21Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Power-Sonic 12V 21Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery, 18 Months Warranty

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A 12V deep cycle battery will allow you to power your favourite caravan and camping appliances whilst in the great Australian outback.Our AGM battery range includes some of the best brands on the market including Zeal, Century, Mastervolt, Victron and Power Sonic.


Our 12V Deep Cycle Battery range includes AGM, Gel and Lithium batteries. But how do you choose a type and model for your requirements? Let us help!

Why Should I Choose An AGM 12V Deep Cycle Battery?

We highly recommend an AGM 12V deep cycle battery for customers who do not want to spend a huge amount of money, do not have a weight restriction and are happy to wait longer for the battery to charge. These batteries are also suitable for cranking which lithium are not.

Our AGM 12V Deep Cycle Battery Recommendations:

We have an extensive range of AGM batteries in this range and our recommendations do change depending on your individual requirements. If you are looking for a good AGM battery that won’t break the bank check out the Zeal 105Ah and 125Ah12V AGM deep cycle batteries.

If you are wanting a more efficient 12V Deep cycle battery and don’t mind spending a little extra check out the Victron AGM battery range starting at 8Ah up to 240Ah!

If money is not issue and you want the best of the best we recommend going up to an Enerdrive lithium battery. These batteries are extremely efficient, lightweight and have a 30% larger depth of discharge than an AGM battery.

For more information on the different types of caravan batteries including 12V AGM deep cycle batteries, check out our video below:

The Best Caravan Battery?

Need help choosing a 12V Deep Cycle Battery for your setup? Give one of our product experts a call on 1300 400 122!