Small Caravan Kitchen Appliances

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Shop airfryers and other kitchen luxuries by top brands Dometic, Aussie Traveller & Westinghouse, including vacuums, kettles and vacuum sealers. With our range of appliances here at My Generator, you can take your luxury kitchen wherever you travel!


Enjoy A Touch of Kitchen Luxury

Heading out on the road but sad to leave your luxuries of home behind? You don’t have to! Shop our range of small kitchen appliances including kettles and portable expresso machines. Don’t want to sacrifice precious storage space in your caravan kitchen for a dishwasher? No worries – we also have benchtop dishwashers in our range too!


Save Space with A Benchtop Dishwasher

Kitting out a motorhome or caravan and can't bear the thought of having to wash up every night? We get it. That’s why we stock benchtop dishwashers! A benchtop dishwasher is literally a dishwasher you can keep on your benchtop. These dishwashers by Midea are designed for maximum space saving. Installation is super easy too – simply place it on your kitchen bench, plug it into the power point and connect it to a tap to run. They might be small, but benchtop dishwashers are mighty! High temperature steam will wash and sterilise your cookware and glassware, and baby utensils. You still get the features you’d expect in a full-size dishwasher, such as different cleaning programs, easy-to-use LED screen, and accessories to accommodate your various items.