Truck Air Conditioners

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Looking to keep your truck cabin cool whilst on the road? Look no further than our 12V air conditioner range!

Having a 12V air conditioner in your vehicle can be crutial in the brutal Australia conditions, especially when you're travelling high speed down the highway and cannot have your windows rolled down.

Choosing A Suitable 12V Air Conditioner For Your Needs:

It is important to note that not all 12V air conditioners are compatible with every truck engine type and cab size. We recommend consulting one of our product experts to ensure you choose an AC with the right capacity, power demands and rate of air flow to match the square footage of your cab and engine.

Stay Comfortable Even While Sleeping:

Dometic's 12V air conditioner range can be operated while your vehicle engine is off. Simply plug it into a generator, shore power or battery. This meaning you can get a full and comfortable nights rest in a cool climate - just what you'll need after a long day on the open road!

Find out more about the Dometic Coolair RTX in the video below:

Dometic Coolair RTX