Camping Solar Panels for Caravans

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Getting ready for your next camping trip? Make sure you have a camper solar kit you can depend on. Our range includes solar panels for camping, portable solar panels, folding solar panels and caravan solar kits to suit every adventure!


Portable Solar Panels

My Generator offers portable solar packages for a range of needs and budgets – whether you need to power batteries to keep your fridge running or just want your devices charged on demand. Lighter and quieter than a generator, solar panels don’t rely on petrol, and they won’t detract from your relaxing camping experience. Choose from a huge range available to meet any need and budget. Looking for a portable solar package? We highly recommend the EcoFlow Portable Power Stations and Portable Solar Panel.

Folding Solar Panels

Designed for ultimate efficiency, these solar panels maximise the charging surface area and make storage easy. If you’re after a bit more charge, a foldable solar panel is a cost-effective way to double your solar energy. These camping solar panels include foldable models and also solar blankets - perfect for throwing into the back of your 4WD on all your adventures! Check out the most popular solar blanket on the market – the Baintech 180W Solar Blanket.

Caravan Solar System

If you’re looking for solar panels for your caravan, there are more options available than you can imagine! Choose a solar panel that you can move to the best spot, or you can fix caravan solar panels to your roof to reliably maintain power for your fridge, lighting or air conditioner. Looking for a high-quality fixed panel? We highly recommend the Enerdrive range, all of which come with an impressive 5-year warranty!