Marine Toilets

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Let’s be honest, no one wants to leave every home comfort at home.. a major one being a toilet – well you no longer have to thanks to our range of marine toilets.

Whether you’re chasing an installed or portable toilet, we have something for everyone!

Gravity Flush Toilets:

This style of marine toilet is the most popular marine and caravan toilet on the market. These permanently installed toilets are popular due to their flushing style: the bowl contents drop directly into a holding tank, which is installed directly under the toilet.

Portable Toilets:

These marine toilets provide the ultimate convenience. They can be taken anywhere – in fact they aren’t just used in marine applications, they are also used in caravans, camping setup’s and in the back of 4x4’s. They are lightweight and consist of a toilet bowl, small water tank and a small waste tank. When full, remove the seat and bowl, and empty the waste tank into a dump point. Easy as!

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