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BMPRO Trek3 RV Battery Monitor

BMPRO Trek3 RV Battery Monitor, 2 Year Warranty

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If you’re setting off on an adventure, it pays to be in control of all your amenities, including your water. Don’t let an empty tank ruin your adventure in the most remote places. Check out our range of water gauges from BMPRO and Topargee and stay on top of exactly when you need to fill up.


Why You Should Invest In A Caravan Water Gauge:

Water gauges are designed to give accurate readings of the water level on board the tank in your caravan, camper or RV. If you’re heading out on an adventure and you’re planning to go remote or to travel long distances away from reliable water sources, it helps to know exactly what’s left in the tank so that you can plan your adventure and fill up appropriately. Many of the water gauges in our range can provide real-time readings of your water level to your phone or other mobile device, as well as information about the water quality. You can monitor usage when the shower, tap, or washing machine is on and keep track of how much you’re using with different appliances.

Not sure which water gauge is right for you? Monitor the levels of your caravan water tanks with a water gauge from leading brand BMPRO. Looking for an entry level water gauge without the bells and whistles? Check out Topargee models on our site today.