Caravan Hatches and Skylights

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Enjoy the great outdoors even when it’s time to get back into the caravan with a caravan skylight. Shop our wide range of caravan skylights by leading brands Dometic, Thetford, Fiamma, and Finch Australia.


Enhance Your Space With A Caravan Skylight

Discover the amazing difference a caravan skylight can make to your caravan. A caravan skylight brings natural light and illumination, so you don’t need to turn on lights during the day. Have you been dreaming about extra airflow? Choose a caravan skylight that can be opened and closed as a hatch to improve air flow and provide an escape for steam, odours and gases.

Caravan Skylight Features

Create the perfect interior by adding features to your caravan skylight. Find caravan skylights with an exhaust fan, which is handy for extra ventilation especially in the kitchen or bathroom. Some models feature LED lights which you can adjust for daytime and night. Whatever you’re looking for in a caravan skylight, you’ll find the solution here at My Generator. Best of all, because you can choose from popular brands, you can be confident your skylight is great value for money and built to last. Shop our caravan skylights now.