Floor Mats & Seat Covers

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Keep your 4WD looking slick with 4WD floor mats. Check out our range of floor mats below in a huge variety of materials, colours and sizes. You’re guaranteed to find the right one for your vehicle, style and budget.


There’s nothing worse than opening your car after a weekend of 4WDing and realising you’ve tracked mud, sand and water everywhere. That’s why quality 4WD floor mats and seat covers are a must.

4WD Floor Mats That Last the Distance

Can you even call it 4WD touring if your vehicle doesn’t get muddy and dusty? The problem is, if you don’t clean your vehicle from dirt and dust, these small things can slowly damage your vehicle flooring. That’s why 4WD floor mats make cleaning easier. Simply remove the mat, hose it down and replace it. Job done! We sell 4WD floor mats that are designed to withstand everything you can throw at them. Check out the Bushranger Dirt Blocka floor mats which feature deep edges to capture all the debris brought into the vehicle - sand, dirt, mud, snow and even water! Find generous sizes to suit even the largest 4×4 vehicle and they can be trimmed to perfectly fit your foot well.

Protect Your 4WD Interior

Even if the exterior of your 4WD is covered in mud, you can keep the interior pristine with 4WD floor mats and seat covers. Shop our range by popular brands including DZ, Bushranger, Thunder and Hulk 4X4.