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Seaflo Portable Wash Down Pump Kit

Seaflo Portable Wash Down Pump Kit

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Seaflo Wash Down Pump Kit

Seaflo Wash Down Pump Kit

$338 RRP: $432 Save: $94

When you’re out on the open seas the last thing you want to think about is your safety or comfort. That’s why there’s a few main things you need: fuel, lifejackets, a bilge pump and a toilet.

Marine Toilets:

Let’s face it, a toilet is a major home comfort that none of us like to forego. Well great news, our range of marine toilets will provide comfort no matter where in the open sea you are. We have both gravity flush and portable marine toilets depending on your preference.

Bilge Pump:

In most states around Australia a bilge pump is a legal requirement for boats over a specific length. A bilge pump is used to remove water from the bilges. They help provide crucial extra time in the unlikely event that your boat takes on water. Our range of bilge pumps includes models from market leading brands TMC, SPX Flow and Whale.