Bathroom Tents

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Make your campsite a home away from home with a pop-up tent toilet. You might be far from home but that doesn’t mean you should have to worry about losing your privacy while on the loo or having a shower. Our range of pop-up tent toilet and shower tents have you covered – literally!


Pop Up Tent Toilets, Showers and Changing Rooms

Whether you want a private space to go to the toilet, shower or get changed, our range has the right space for you. Find easy to pop up models from Explore Planet Earth, larger tents with a shower caddy and an inbuilt curtain from Weisshorn, and weatherproof pop-up toilet tents from Bestway. Whatever your need, you’ll find the perfect shelter to take care of business in our online store.

Portable Bathroom Tents for Every Adventure

Toilet tents, shower tents and privacy ensuites are designed to provide you with your own private facilities when out camping. They don’t take up much space and are easy to set up. Plus, you can rest easy knowing they will last through bad weather thanks to sturdy design features, such as strong poles, mesh flooring and weatherproof fabric. Shop our pop-up tent toilets and bathrooms today.