Wash Down Kits

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A wash down pump makes it easy to keep your vehicle in top notch condition. Whether you want to get saltwater off your boat or stubborn debris off your 4WD, a wash down kit makes it easy! Shop our range of pumps by Seaflo and SPX Flow below.


Cleaning Made Easy with A Wash Down Pump

Keep your 4WD, boat or ute clean using a wash down pump. Shop our range for a wash down pumps and find the perfect addition to throw into the back of your vehicle. No need to wait until you get home, simply choose a portable wash down pump and clean on the move. Just been to the beach? Give your vehicle a good wash under the body before heading home and avoid rust damage by salt and sand.

Portable Wash Down Pump

We sell a range of wash down pumps from Seaflo and SPX Flow designed to keep your outdoor gear clean, wherever you are. Find pumps suitable for salt water and freshwater applications on 4WDs, boats, inflatables, anchor wells, tackle boxes, and more. Choose a wash down pump kit from Seaflo and you get everything you need including quick connect hose fittings, trigger spray nozzle and a recoil hose.

Browse our selection of wash down pumps today!