Star Picket Drivers

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Star picket drivers make fencing easy! These machines will effortlessly and efficiently hammer star pickets and posts in the ground. No need to waste your time and energy trying to hammer in star pickets by hand. These star picket drivers are effective, reliable and will truly make your job a better experience.

Make Light Work of Fencing With a Star Picket Driver

Our range of star picket drivers are suitable for all kinds of fencing work, such as farm fencing, home fencing, hire fencing or contract fencing. Hate working with tough ground? Don’t sweat it – hard soils and tough earth will give way in a matter of seconds with a strong star picket driver. Want to make your fencing job quicker and easier so you can get on with your next job? A star picket driver is the essential piece of gear.

Check out the Crommelins star picket drivers in our online store. Their range includes the Crommelins Honda 2" Star Picket Post Driverand the Crommelins Honda 3" Star Picket Driver. These durable machines are made for rural work, hire work and other fencing applications. Take the hard work out of your next star picket fencing project – shop star picket drivers on My Generator today.

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