Caravan Water Fillers

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Trust us when we say a caravan water tank filler is a GAME CHANGER. All the caravan enthusiasts out there will tell you it’s the number one item they can’t leave home without. Shop the most caravan water tank filler by Stand At Ease in our range below.


Make Life Easy with a Caravan Water Tank Filler

You won’t look back after you buy a caravan water tank filler. It holds the hose in position to help fill our water tank quicker without air locks. Genius! The Stand At Ease water tank filler is a great pick for water tank accessories. Simply insert the filler into your trailer water tank and attach a hose. The Stand At Ease tank filler comes with a swivel connection and angled flexible pipe for seamless use. It’s compatible with standard hoses.

Our Wide Range of Water Fillers and Accessories

Find funnels, connections and hoses for your water tank needs. Need to empty your jerry can in a hurry? Check out the Stand at Ease Jerry can decanting kit complete with a food grade water hose and tubing. The kit can empty a jerry can in less than 4 minutes, depending on the system. We also sell a free-standing funnel to make life easier for caravan users – no need for a helping hand when filling your water tank! Shop our caravan water tank fillers and accessories online today.