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Winegard FreeVision Sensar HV Antenna, CC-10HV

Winegard FreeVision Sensar HV Antenna, CC-10HV, 1 Year Warranty

$614 RRP: $714 Save: $100

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RV Media LCD TV Mount, 3 Arms

RV Media LCD TV Mount, 3 Arms

$89 RRP: $106 Save: $17

Just because you’re heading off on an off grid adventure or living off grid doesn’t mean you can’t be up to date with your favourite tv shows, movies or the news! A 12V TV can keep you up to date anywhere your adventures take you!

What Features Should I Be Looking For In A 12V TV?

Long gone are the days when a TV was just a TV. There’s now an extensive range of models on the market to suit everyone from a simple Simon, up to models with the latest technology and features.

Modern 12V TV models are equipped with the latest technology features such as high resolution screens, Bluetooth and built in WIFI! If these features aren’t appealing or necessary, our range also includes basic models with or without a DVD player.

Choosing A 12V TV Brand:

Our range of TV’s are from either NCE or RV Media - both of which, are leaders in the caravan and RV market. Their products all come backed by extensive warranties and national service agent support. We recommend choosing a brand such as these, so you know you’re getting a high quality unit for your adventures.

To choose between our 12V TV brands you not only should consider what features you can't live without but also the size of TV you require. Our current range includes models from 19" up to 32". Choosing an appropriate size is vital as you will want to ensure you pick a model that fits the designated space!