Caravan Portable Air Conditioners

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Keep cool no matter where you are with a portable AC. Spending your summer in an RV, caravan or camper trailer? Australia's best portable AC units from Close Comfort and Devanti will ensure you stay cool and comfortable.


Stay Cool Wherever You Travel

With temperatures sometimes reaching a sizzling 40-degrees plus in most of Australia, over summer months, even sun seekers can be left scrambling for cool relief. Rather than sweating in your mobile home and struggling to sleep at night, buy a portable AC unit. A portable AC unit means you don’t have to worry about energy-hungry air conditioning when you’re travelling off grid with limited power. Plus, they’re designed to be compact, which means you can stow your unit away when not in use.

Portable AC from Brands You Love

Shop efficient portable AC units from our range. We stock Close Comfort and Devanti units because we know how important it is to have appliances you can rely on. Looking for a plug and go solution? The Close Comfort Cool Focus Portable Air Cooler is like a fridge with a tiny fan inside! No exhaust hose, installation, or window kit necessary. It works with batteries, solar with suitable inverter and small generators.