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Camec Compact 3.2kg RV Dryer

Camec Compact 3.2kg RV Dryer, 1 Year Warranty

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Do your travel washing whenever and wherever you want with an off grid washing machine. No need to store your smelly washing in your vehicle while you wait to get to the next town. Forget wasting half a day of your holidays waiting for a cycle to finish. Our range of off grid washing machines have the perfect solution. It will save you money and time as you can do washing anywhere!


Enjoy The Ultimate Convenience with An Off Grid Washing Machine

Unfortunately, even when you head off the beaten track there is still housework to do. That’s where an off grid washing machine comes in handy. You still have to do the washing, but you get the freedom of doing your washing whenever and wherever it suits you! An off grid washing machine is designed with all the things you need for your road trips – compact, efficient and almost all of the same features as your washing machine at home.

Top And Front Loader Off Grid Washing Machines

Whether you want a top or front loader washing machine, we’ve got it covered. Front loaders are a great option for smaller spaces – install the unit under the work bench to maximise your bench space. Top loader off grid washing machines are extremely efficient and easy to use.

From washing machines and dryers to stoves, ovens and TVs, we’ve got all the appliances you need from your favourite brands including Dometic, Camec, Close Comfort, and Gasmate.