Portable Camping Toilets

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Get a camping toilet for your remote adventures. Even when you don’t have access to drainage or a water system, you can still have the convenience and comfort of a camping toilet when travelling.


The Perfect Camping Toilet for Your Next Trip

If you're camping remotely, you'll need to set up some form of camping toilet. A hole in the ground is find for some, but you can enjoy more comfort with a camping toilet from our range. Take it up a notch with an outdoor portable toilet seat from Weisshorn. This is the most affordable option, super easy to set up and can be taken anywhere. You simply replace the disposable waste bags after use. Want even more comfort? Choose a portable camping toilet with a removable waste tank. Available from Weisshorn, Dometic, Thetford, and Fiamma, an all-in-one portable camping toilet has all the features you need to do your business comfortably. They have a flushing function, large waste tank, and simple set up. Camping toilets are also compact and lightweight so you can take them anywhere. Some models, like theWeisshorn 20 litre outdoor camping toilet, come with a carry bag for extra convenience.

Whether you’re upgrading your toilet or need a new solution for your camping trips, check out our wide range at My Generator.