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Narva Ultima LED 12V Wiring Harness

Narva Ultima LED 12V Wiring Harness, 1 Year Warranty

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Keep safe on every 4WD adventure with headlight globes, bulbs, tubes, harnesses and brackets!

Headlight Globes, Bulbs and Tubes:

There is nothing more unsafe during a 4WD trip than being unable to see the track in front of you. That’s why we strongly recommend keeping a spare pair of headlight globes in the back of your vehicle.

Thunder headlight globes in particular, are known for providing exceptional visibility and superior durability compared to normal halogen globes. They are also designed to help your eyes adjust easily when switching between LED driving lights and low beam.

Wiring Harnesses & Spare Parts:

So, you’ve got your 4x4 lights ready to go, the last thing you would want is damage to your lights from rocks and debris. To protect your lights, its worth investing in some good quality light covers such as the shatterproof polycarbonate covers by Great Whites.

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