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A caravan rooftop air conditioner provides the ultimate comfort on the road. Choose a model with reverse cycle air conditioning and keep cool or warm all year round! A benefit of choosing a rooftop model is that it does not take up any valuable room in your caravan.

We recommend choosing a rooftop caravan air conditioner from a reputable and high quality brand like Dometic, Truma and Houghton. Not only will you purchase a high quality unit, but it will come with an extensive warranty and after market support!


How Are Caravan Roof Air Conditioners Fitted or Installed?

Caravan roof air conditioner units are made to fit the opening in your recreational vehicle’s roof. The benefit of a rooftop air-con unit is that it doesn’t take up valuable living space inside the caravan and it’s easy to mount, making them the most popular type of caravan air conditioner if your RV suits a rooftop style.

Note that a caravan roof air conditioner will add weight to your vehicle’s roof and must be able to support the unit. We have H-Frame accessory items available to provide extra strength and support for roof top air conditioners if required. The alternate option is a ‘built-in’ caravan air conditioner which is designed for pop-top caravans, camper trailers or camper vans with a single skin roof.

Choosing A Caravan Air Conditioner Is Easy:

Our range of caravan air conditioners are from premium brands like Dometic, Air Command, Houghton and Truma. These manufacturers provide comprehensive warranties and back their products with national service agent / spare parts support networks. The latest model, the Harrier Pus is a Dometic caravan air conditioner which includes inverter compressor that is extremely quiet, even when running at maximum speed and has a powerful 3.1 kW cooling capacity. This has quickly become one of the most sought after RV air conditioner models.

Browse our full range of premium quality roof top RV air conditioners below and feel free to contact our staff for further questions on selecting the right model to suit your recreational vehicle and upcoming trips! Note recently discontinued caravan air-conditioner models include Dometic BR342 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner, Dometic Air Command Ibis MK3 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner, Dometic Freshjet 3200 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner & Dometic Freshjet 2200 Roof Top Air Conditioner with Heat Element - these have been replaced by newer product models in the category above.

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