Inflatable Tents

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Save the time and hassle of putting a tent up manually with an inflatable tent. An inflatable tent is one of the newest innovations to hit the market and we are seriously impressed! Check out the Dometic inflatable tents here at My Generator.


Fast And Easy Inflatable Tents

Love the challenge of pitching a tent or would you rather get on with your adventures? We know what we’d choose. If you want the pitching process to be easy and quick, an inflatable tent is the solution. Inflatable tents, like these tents by Dometic, are designed for a no-fuss set up. Air poles replace traditional rigid poles – all you do is connect the air pump and inflate your tent! Dometic inflatable tents also feature a quick pitch guiding element so the tent sets up without you needing to manually guide it into place. It couldn’t be easier!

Inflatable Tent Features

With Dometic inflatable tents, you are getting the latest tent innovation with luxury features to make sure every adventure feels special. Check out the Dometic Daydream inflatable tent which comes with a super-tough sewn-in groundsheet to protect the tent’s underside plus a soft fleece carpet inside for comfort.

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