Drive Units

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When you need a drive unit you can rely on, My Generator has it covered. Check out our wide range of petrol drive units, diesel drive units and flexshaft vibrators.

What Is A Drive Unit?

A drive unit converts electrical or hydraulic power into mechanical motion (often rotary) to drive a mechanical system. We stock drive units that can be used to drive flexible vibration shafts and pumps in a range of applications, including Hire and Contractors, Remote Drilling, Mining, Civil and Rental Industries, Construction and more. Choose from petrol or diesel depending on the needs of your site.

Top Quality Drive Units

With drive units from manufacturers including Commelins and Hoppt, you know you are investing in the best quality, durability and performance. Crommelins and Hoppt machines are designed for maximum performance, including heavy duty steel frames, world-renowned engines and safety features. Both manufacturers offer a 2-year warranty on their drive units.