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Cromtech 6kVA AVR Petrol Generator

Cromtech 6kVA AVR Petrol Generator, 1 Year Warranty

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Solar power isn’t always perfect. When the sun isn’t giving you the power you need, rely on a solar backup generator for the solution.

What makes a solar backup generator different from other generators?

A solar backup generator is a normal generator with a difference – it comes with a remote start, auto-start or 2-wire start. This makes it perfect for emergency solar back-up for home or professional use. You can start the solar backup generator from a switch remotely, or it can start automatically when the power goes out.

Our range of generators boast a range of features that are perfect for solar backup. Choose one that delivers stable power, which means you can rely on them to run sensitive electronic equipment. Or if silent running is top of your list, buy the market leader in the silenced class.

Choose your solar backup generator from trusted brands in the generator market, including Gentech, Pramac and Kubota.